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Child Protection Guide

A step-by-step guide to help you manage risk and keep children safe in your organisation

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The Child Protection Guide is a tool for organisations that provides:

  • A process for evaluating how safe your organisation currently is for children, as well as for developing robust plans to protect the children in your care,
  • A framework to develop a comprehensive child protection policy that will ensure your organisation has:
    • Safe People
    • Safe Practices
    • Trained Staff 
  • Advice about important issues.

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Why is this resource needed?

  • Children have the right to be safe and to be responded to appropriately when they are at risk.
  • All organisations working with children need to have safe systems in place.
  • It is important that children are safe when they are cared for by others.
  • It is just as important that if issues arise, they are dealt with professionally and appropriately.
  • With effective structures and guidelines, your organisation will gain the respect and trust of those who leave their children in your care, as well as protect children and safeguard your staff.

Who is this resource for?

The Child Protection Guide is for all organisations, clubs, NGOs and groups that have an involvement with children:

  • Community organisations providing services to children and youth
  • Family service providers
  • Health centres, medical services and health workers
  • Schools and early childhood organisations
  • Sports and recreation clubs
  • Holiday and out of school care providers
  • Any agency where children are present
  • Churches, clubs, and many others.

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