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Buddy Day

Buddy Day is a public participation event, to bring awareness to the issue of child abuse in our community and the role we all have in keeping our children safe.

The first 'Buddy Day' was held in Hamilton on 18 November 2011 to support International Child Abuse Prevention Day. 

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About Buddy Day

Why Buddy Day?  What better way to start conversations about childrens’ wellbeing than to send hundreds of life size cardboard cutout children into the community with key businesspeople, politicians, iwi and other members of the public. 

Before their ‘big day out’ in the city, these ‘Buddies’ are dressed, decorated, and given a name and story by children from schools and childcare centres. The conversations with the kids are around what does a child needs to be happy and healthy, and have a sense of belonging….

As well as having hundreds of Buddies out and about in the city, Buddy Day plays out minute by minute online through Facebook and Twitter as Buddy ‘Carers’ share photos and stories of their experiences throughout the day. Letting everyone know what their Buddy’s got up to throughout the day.

Buddy Day has proven itself as an initiative that benefits a wide range of individuals, groups and businesses in our community.  Businesses report their involement in Buddy Day as impacting positively on how they are viewed by both other businesses and clients, as well as providing a great opportunity to engage staff. Schools have been enthusiastic about the benefits to children, and individuals have gained a great sense of purpose through their involvement. 

Buddy Day was launched on the 18th November 2011 in Hamilton on International Child Abuse Prevention Day - where it totally captured people’s imagination!

Why Buddy Day?  Buddy Day is a fun, high profile public participation event, with a serious message…to raise awareness of the issue of child abuse in our community and the role we all have in keeping kids safe. In 2012 Buddy Day will be held in Hamilton. The plan is to roll it out around the rest of the country in 2013

Keep an eye out for Buddy Day this November or visit www.buddyday.org.nz or http://www.facebook.com/BuddyDayNZ