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Why is the media so important in protecting children?

Professionals working in the media have the ability and medium in which to educate others about the importance of being able to recognise signs of child abuse, and to be able to respond accordingly to protect New Zealand’s children.

Those working in the media arena can play a key part in New Zealand’s response to addressing child abuse and making a difference to many childen or young peoples lives.

Some words to think about...

"I believe that knowledge is power and I realise the impact the media has had on not only mine but many others' perceptions on child abuse. You only hear of the high profile cases that end badly and fit into the “stereotypes” of people who are abusers. I would recommend anyone who believes that child abuse is not happening around them and is not a big problem in New Zealand to do this course."

Early Childhood Teacher, Hastings (About the Child Protection Studies Programme)

“I thoroughly enjoyed CPS training and would recommend it to anyone working with families and young people. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way of delivering this training to the general public to get the message across that as a wider community we are responsible for protecting our children.”

Youth Worker, Dunedin

"I have a passion to teach more people about the need for more awareness into child abuse, to spread the word, to make a difference."

Social Service Worker, New Plymouth