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Section 2 - Child Protection Policy

A child protection policy provides a framework of principles, standards and guidelines on which to base individual and organisational practice in relation to such areas as:

•    Recognising and Responding to abuse
•    Safe recruitment of staff
•    Training
•    Responsibility and Accountability
•    Guidelines for effective communication and working with other agencies
•    Guidelines for appropriate behaviour and attitude

Once a Child Protection Policy has been developed and implemented, tools such as Volunteer Leaflets, Notices or Reference Guides may be considered to enable staff to access the information required quickly and easily to facilitate positive action in the protection of children.
This section will take you through the development Child Protection Policy, highlighting the areas that need covering and providing sample statements. These sample statements are examples of statements that you may wish to include in your policy. Additional policy statements will need to be included to ensure that the policy is comprehensive. ‘Consider’ prompts have also been included to help identify what additional policy statements will need to be developed or tailored to suit the individual needs of your organisation.