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Statement of Commitment

This section of the child protection policy sets the foundation on which the rest of the policy sits. It outlines the commitment of your organisation, the aim of the policy, and assigns responsibility.

Statement of Commitment

A statement of intent that demonstrates a commitment to safeguard children from harm clearly defines for everyone what is required in relation to the protection of children. It helps to create a safe and positive environment for children and to show that your organisation is taking its duty and responsibility of care seriously.

Examples of Policy Statements:

  • {Your Organisation} is committed to the prevention of abuse and to the well-being of members, children, young people, vulnerable adults and their families.
  • {Your Organisation} is committed to acting at all times in the best interest of the children, young people and vulnerable adults to whom it provides a service.

  • {Your Organisation} is committed to dealing with abuse, suspected abuse or disclosure of abuse in a timely fashion.

  • {Your Organisation} recognises that the family’s primary role in caring and protecting the child should be valued and maintained. However the child’s safety and wellbeing should have priority.

  • {Your Organisation} acknowledges that in cases of suspected child abuse, support for families is important.

  • {Your Organisation} agrees that working in accordance with this policy requires staff to be trained and supported.

  • {Your Organisation} will ensure any disclosures about alleged abuse are acknowledged and appropriate action taken to ensure the safety of children who make disclosures.

  • {Your Organisation} is committed to complying with all relevant legislation.