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Relationship with External Agencies

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Examples of Policy Statements


Positive relationships must be maintained with agencies that can support your organisation in child protection related matters.


Examples of Policy Statements:

  • {Your Organisation} will maintain a good working relationship with Child, Youth and Family and with Police, and be familiar with the laws that serve to protect children from abuse. We will consult with Child, Youth and Family, the Police, and with other appropriate agencies that have specialist knowledge to help us protect children from abuse.

  • {Your Organisation} believes that in order to keep children safe, people who suspect or uncover abuse should not be tempted to deal with cases themselves. When there is a relationship of trust and understanding with the statutory agencies, people are more likely to report and enable professional investigation to ensue.

  • {Your Organisation} will ensure that it has contacts for Child, Youth and Family and Police offices. The Designated Person for Child Protection will maintain this information.

  • {Your Organisation} recognises that by law, [Sec 15 of the Children, young Persons and their Families Act 1989] any person may report a case of suspected abuse to the statutory agencies.

  • A list of specialist agencies will be kept and updated by the Designated Person for Child Protection.  A copy of this will be made available to all staff.

  • The Designated Person for Child Protection will meet regularly with a contact person from a specialist agency to ensure that a trusted relationship is maintained in order that {Your Organisation} can seek help easily and appropriately.

  • {Your Organisation} will also maintain relationships with NGOs and agencies that provide services to children and families.

  • {Your Organisation} encourages the networking of agencies, and staff will undertake an active programme for maintaining the relationships between the agencies.