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Why am I so important in protecting children?

Whether you are a social worker, involved in a community group or work for a non-government organisation, you play a role in protecting New Zealand’s children. Those working alongside and supporting families can play a key part in New Zealand’s response to addressing child abuse and making a difference to a child or young person’s life.

Those involved in the social services sector have a role in sharing information and working with other professionals to ensure children are kept safe from harm.

Words from the Social Services Sector...

“Without being overly dramatic, I can easily say the course changed the way I view children, parents, families and their relationships. While it seems a bit odd to admit, I never before thought about looking at the world, family dynamics and relationships through the eyes of a child. This one seemingly minor perspective change has given me a better awareness and understanding of child abuse and a confidence to act when something’s amiss.

The course was a wonderful, valuable combination of group and individual work, thought provoking discussion and visual and auditory examples of child abuse and its effects on children. If it wasn’t for our charismatic, knowledgeable tutor the course could have been very different due to the sensitive nature of the course content.”
Youth/Social Worker, Greymouth (About the Child Protection Studies Programme)

“I would like to begin my report by saying what a profound influence this course has had on my thinking toward the subject of child abuse… The information I gained on this course was invaluable and I know it will stay with me. I think the most powerful words I took away from the course were “What might be the consequences of doing nothing?” or that “We need to listen and not just hear”… I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone and everyone and I have recommended it to many people. Why? Because New Zealand’s children need us as adults to take more responsibility and to look out for them a whole lot better than we are doing at the moment. Anything that can be done to educate and empower the New Zealand Public about the effects of child abuse and how and what we can do about it is possibly one less statistic at the end of the year and let’s face it I think we would all like to think that New Zealand is a safe and happy place to bring up the next generation. “
Community Worker, Invercargill (About the Child Protection Studies Programme)

“The 5 day programme came highly recommended from a number of colleagues… These sentiments were also echoed by a number of other professional contacts I have that are external to our organisation who highly valued their experiences with CPS… It was therefore fair to say that I had pretty high expectations and that the course certainly didn’t disappoint. I found the content and the message highly relevant and each day extremely fulfilling, both personally and professionally… I have always been pro-active in dealing with child abuse and would have no hesitation in reporting suspected or known cases, however this programme gave me even more “tools” and most importantly the confidence and competence to use them both in my work practice but now I can be an even stronger advocate within my own community. For me I thought I knew what abuse was and what it looked like but I have learnt the difference between what is obvious and what is subtle. The course served to reinforce what I knew to be right; Ask questions, get support, talk about it…far better to be wrong and know a child is safe that to wonder why you didn’t even ‘go there’.

I found this course extremely beneficial and highly relevant. It was challenging, thought provoking and extremely interesting."
Health Camp Team Leader, Alexandra (About the Child Protection Studies Programme)

“This is a programme I would, and have, strongly recommended to other professionals I work with. It is a very well put together course that deals with the kinds of abuse professionals in social services work with every day but may not easily recognise, or know how to deal with or how to report effectively. I found the Child Protection Studies Programme not only informative, but it also taught me skills as well as building confidence in the work that I do.”
Fieldworker, Wanganui (About the Child Protection Studies Programme)

“My colleagues have also completed this CPS training in the past and we all speak highly of this training finding it very beneficial to our practice. I personally feel this training has been of great value and has advanced my professional practice dramatically whereby when I am in my families homes I am aware of the potential child abuse risks present. This training gave me the confidence to identify child abuse and how to take the necessary steps.”
Family Whanau Worker, Dunedin (About the Child Protection Studies Programme)

"At a personal level this course has allowed me to have a greater strength in being able to leave my work behind at the end of the day as I feel confident that I have done everything I can within my role as a community support worker. I would highly recommend this programme to all other community agencies, and groups or persons working with children and or families."
Social Services Kaiawhina, Nelson (About the Child Protection Studies Programme)

As a counsellor attending this course, I felt valued in my work, and as I recognised some of my practices could be improved, I felt encouraged to develop my practice in the interests of paramountcy of the child. The course has given me the confidence to ‘know’ that there is an indication of abuse, or a possibility of abuse, rather than a ‘wondering’. I feel more confident in my knowledge.
Counsellor, Hamilton (About the Child Protection Studies Programme)