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Why am I so Important in protecting Children?

Children in New Zealand look up to sports stars, coaches, team captains and referees as heroes.  Children regularly play sport and develop close relationships with their team members, coaches and support staff. 

As someone who is involved in the sporting arena, you are able to play a key part in New Zealand’s response to addressing child abuse and making a difference to a child or young person’s life. 

Words from the Sports Sector...

"I have been involved in professional sport and the development of young athletes for many years. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who works full time with young people in any walk of life. Professionally I hope it gives me the opportunity to become a tutor and take child protection not only through football, but to all sports in New Zealand. I have just taken a position as Director of Football at a club and plan to implement child protection procedures immediately."
Professional Coach (About the Child Protection Studies Programme)

"I implore all coaches, educators, health professionals, legal advisors and social service providers to please read this book and continue the conversation on how to spot the signs of child abuse and intervene in the hope of stopping the pain, fear and torment suffered by so many of our young citizens. I salute and am inspired by those many brave individuals who allowed their story to be told in this book." 
Rob Hamill - Olympic Rower and Author (About Child Matters' book "Hidden in Front of Us")