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Diploma Student Information

The following student information is specific to the Child Protection Studies Diploma.  Please also see General Student Information which applies to all of our training programmes. Click here to download the 2016 Diploma Information Pack.

Attendance Requirements

Students are expected to attend all sessions and an attendance record is kept. Child Matters recognises that from time to time events occur which may make it impossible for people to attend a particular session and therefore allows a student to be absent for no more than 10% of the time. For the Child Protection Studies Diploma, this equates to 3 days over the whole length of the programme and no more than 2 days in any block. All absences must be for a good reason, agreed to and recorded by the tutor.

If a person is absent for 3 days in a block, this block will need to be attended at a later programme to qualify the person to graduate. There is no extra cost to the student to attend later programmes.

Students are welcome but not obliged to attend any sessions in later blocks that they have missed.


Students are expected to complete 8 assignments and a post-course report to satisfy the course requirements. Assignments will cover the following topics:

1.       Child Observation
2.       Cultural Observation
3.       Book Review
4.       Policy Assignment
5.       Scrapbook and Themes
6.       Journal and Report
7.       Case Study
8.       Short Answer Test
9.       Post Course Report

The above should be undertaken and handed in according to the time table provided at the start of the training.

Students may seek advice from the tutor at any time, and are welcome to submit a draft assignment for comment and help before the due date. This must be labelled as a draft, and be received by tutor at least 2 weeks before the due date. The final copy must be received on the due date. Extension will be granted for exceptional circumstances and must be applied for in writing prior to the due date. (Email is acceptable)

Students must gain a pass mark in every assignment to meet the course requirements. Students who do not gain a pass mark will have the chance to repeat the assignment, (although they may consequently delay the date of their graduation). Re submission of assignments must be within one month of notification and will carry a penalty of 5%.

Assignments that are handed in late will lose marks at the following rate.

  • Up to 1 week late: less 5%
  • Up to 2 weeks late: less 10%
  • Over 2 weeks late: less 25%
  • Over 1 month late: not accepted for this year.

Final Grades

Three grades are given for each assignment

1. Pass = 60% - 79%

2. Merit = 80% - 94%

3. Distinction = 95% - 100%

Handing in Assignments

All assignment forwarded to Child Matters must be either hand delivered, e-mailed or send by registered courier to ensure they arrive safely.

Any assignment which goes missing is the responsibility of the student and it is therefore essential that all assignments are photocopied before forwarding. This gives the students and CPS evidence that the assignment has been completed to a satisfactory standard and can be replicated if needed.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Child matters recognises prior learning for the Diploma in Child Protection

Re-submitting Work

Students are given opportunities to re-submit work that does not meet required outcomes. There is no limitation on how many times work may be submitted to meet the required outcomes. However, Child Matters reserves the right to recover costs after work has been submitted more than twice.

Awarding your qualification

To successfully gain your qualification you must achieve the following:

- Meet attendance requirements

- 60% pass rate in all eight assignments

- Submission of Post Course Report

Certificates will be forwarded to you when all criteria have been successfully met and fees are paid in full. Deadlines for assignments must be met to achieve qualifications.


Find out how to appeal my assessment results. (Link to appeals section in Student Information)

New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) Unit Standards

The Child Protection Studies Diploma includes the following NZQA unit standard:

  Unit Standard Level Credits
17456    Demonstrate knowledge of the requirement for child protection procedures within a workplace 3 2

Cancellation, Refund and Transfer Policy

Cancellation, within 14 days of programme commencement will incur an administration charge of 10% of fees paid. After the first eight days of programme commencement, no refunds are considered. The following withdrawal and refund policy applies to your deposit as per the Education Amendment Act (no.4) 1991, which states that Child Matters must:

“Allow every student enrolled for a Programme of study or training to withdraw from it at any time within seven days after the first day of the Programme for which attendance of students at the establishment is required and refund to every student who so withdraws, without deduction, so much of any payment, or the sum of any payments, made by the student to the establishment in respect of that Programme, and if withdrawal from that Programme also constitutes withdrawal from the establishment as a whole, in respect of enrolment at the establishment, as exceeds $500 or 10% of the amount of that payment or the sum of those payments, whichever is the lesser.”

More information about Child Matters’ Cancellation, Refund and Transfer Policy (Link to Cancellation, Refund and Transfer Policy in general Student Information)

Student Fee Protection

Child Matters holds in a trust fund, money to cover the total maximum liable amount of personal student fees held in advance of completion of Programmes or modules. This fund is secured by a static trust deed in accordance with NZQA Policy. The Trustee is BR Legal Trustees Limited, C/- Beattie Rickman Legal, Solicitors, Hamilton.

In the event of a Programme Closure Event (where Child Matters is unable to complete a programme of study for which a student has personally paid fees) the student may seek a refund from the trust fund. In such circumstances, students should contact the Trustee in writing providing their name, address and contact phone number, programme name, date and code for which the fees were paid, a copy of their receipt and any other documentation. It is recommended that students attend any meetings arranged for students affected by a closure so that they know what is being put in place for them.

Where a third party is to receive any refund of student fees from the trust fund this must be disclosed on the enrolment form.

Student Fee Policy and Acknowledgement

By signing their application to enrol, the applicant is declaring that they are enrolling as a student at Child Matters (“PTE”) and, that after signing their application form they cannot withdraw the following authorisation to the Trustee.

The applicant, in signing the application form acknowledges and agrees that:

  1. If a Programme Closure Event occurs and the applicant transfers to an Alternative Provider with the approval of the Qualifications Authority, any amount agreed by the applicant, up to the Entitled Student Amount attributable to the affected applicant will be transferred from the Trust Fund to that Alternative Provider;
  2. If a Programme Closure Event occurs and the applicant owes money to a Loan Provider in respect of that programme, the Trustee is authorised to repay the Tuition Fees portion of the Entitled Student Amount attributable to the applicant, less any amount transferred to an Alternative Provider, directly to that Loan Provider to the extent required to settle the amount due to the Loan Provider;
  3. Subject to 2 above, if a programme Closure Event occurs and the Trustee refunds any amount directly to the applicant, the Trustee will refund the Entitled Student Amount attributable to them by way of direct credit to their bank account or cheque posted to the applicant’s last known postal address notified to that Trustee;
  4. If another party is entitled to receive any refund of the Entitled Student Amount attributable to the applicant, said applicant will provide the Trustee with the contact details of that party (as required by the last paragraph below) to which the refund should be sent;
  5. Personal information about the applicant and information about the applicant’s Student Fees may be supplied by the PTE to the Qualifications Authority, Auditor or the Trustee and by the Trustee or Auditor to the Qualifications Authority;
  6. After the payments contemplated in 1-4 above have been made, the trusts on which the Trustee was holding the Trust Fund will have been discharged;
  7. Any interested earned on the Trust Fund prior to payment under 1-4 above will vest in and be payable to the PTE for its own benefit, and the applicant will have no claim to such interest;
  8. Capitalised terms used in their Application for Enrolment and these Student Fee policy and Acknowledgement notes shall have the meaning as defined in the Student Fee Protection Static Trust Deed between the PTE and the Trustee, a copy of which can be made available to the applicant by the PTE and the Trustee (“The Deed”).
  9. The applicant warrants that details of any third party entitled to receive any refund on account of Student Fees have been disclosed on their Enrolment Application with Child Matters.

The above student information is specific to the Child Protection Studies Diploma.  Please also see General Student Information which applies to all of our training programmes.