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I have shared my new knowledge with family, friends and colleagues because although I have a Diploma in Social Work I don’t believe that the information I received in this training has been in any of my previous learnings.
Family Support Social Worker, Tokoroa
On reflection it made me think about what I see in the homes that I work in and how neglect can be staring me in the face and instead of following my ‘gut instinct’ I am drawn in by the adults who have an explanation for everything. This has given me the strength to have the courageous conversations and speak up for children
Community Support Worker, Napier 
The Child Protection Studies Programme was one of the best experiences I have had educationally. The tutor was amazing – brought a group of quite diverse people together as a close knit team; covered distressing subjects so well and listened. She also shared her passion!
Dental Nurse, Napier
I feel that each person who attends this course and takes this awareness back to their place of work is increasing our collective ability to respond to child abuse in our society and to prevent this happening.
Manager YMCA ECE Centre, Blenheim
The facilitator of the programme was a highlight and I can only recommend that you continue to utilise her in your programme. Her ability to unwrap complex issues for a range of personalities and learning styles was excellent. Also her sensitivity of cultural practice and language was much appreciated.
Team Leader, Health Camp, Gisborne
For me personally it provided an insight as to what could be happening under our own noses, that people often tend to turn a blind eye, to stand back and hope someone else will intervene. I can look back and think of incidents that I came across that I may have handled differently if I had the knowledge that I now possess from attending this course.
Teacher Aide, Hamilton
The information that all speakers provided has been extremely useful in my practice. I have not been in too many forums where practitioners have offered up as much information as the speakers that presented to our group did.
Tamariki Ora Nurse, Matamata
The course was excellent. The content at times heart wrenching, and the biggest impact it had on me, was making me realise that our innocent children need more proactive, responsible adults to be their advocates and to protect them. They too have rights, to be respected, nurtured and loved…We need to stop protecting the adults who bully, abuse and murder our children, and if through my work and personal life, and the information gained through Child Matters, I can make a difference in a child’s life, I will.
Kaiako (teacher), Footsteps

Prior to this course I never had issues in reporting or acting on any child abuse but always felt reserved or self doubting after. The course has gone a long way to eliminate these feelings. It instead gives you a sense of pride; hold your head high as you may have given a voice to someone without one. I personally found this to be one of the more powerful tools I took from the course and one that I will pass on to the counselors and many others I have contact with. If our communities could have this message stamped to their hearts it would lessen the chance of our children being abused.
Manager, Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust 

It is my belief that any persons and/or organisation that work directly with children should attend this programme, if for no other reason but to get an informed understanding of child abuse. Our local and national media forums offer snap shots of child abuse, but this only feeds the stereotype that most people have of child abuse and how ineffective any intervention is perceived to date.

I entered the programme with 16 years social work experience, whereby it was my belief that I had a good understanding of child abuse and appropriate interventions. Whilst I was aware that social work is ever changing, and to the best of my ability to have adapted to any changes as required to improve my practice.

However the content of this programme and how it was delivered reinforced that for all my experience, I was still unaware of certain types of abuse symptoms such as those noted for sexual and neglectful abuse, where the signs are generally small and easily misinterpreted with other forms of abuse.
Teen Parent Social Worker , Gisborne 

I would totally recommend this course and in my opinion it should be part of Nurse training courses, where all students should have to complete it as part of their degree. It would help them to get a better understanding of the issues that are faced within the community, but also if it was compulsory it would then make sure all relevant people where (sic) trained so as to improve medical knowledge and skills as they start there (sic) careers in the health world. This would also benefit student Doctors or other health professionals …… I would like to personally thank the Child Matters family for the great work they do as this has been a wonderful group of people that I have dealt with and wish that I had this course earlier in my nursing career
Practice Nurse, Hamilton 

I thought the course was thorough, detailed, informative and extremely useful in gaining an understanding of child protection issues from a New Zealand Perspective. I am reminded of the fact that I have a responsibility towards all children with whom I come into contact to take the necessary steps if I know they are unsafe. I feel much better equipped to respond to disclosures of abuse from children.
Family Support Worker, Barnardos, New Plymouth

I was informed about the Child Protection Studies course by a work colleague. Without a second thought, I decided to enrol for the course and in hindsight am pleased knowing that I followed my instincts. The week long journey that we embarked on was a very enriching and humbling experience. The course was a neat package of theory, practice, critical thinking and analysis along with guest speakers.
Family Safety Team, NZ Police, Auckland

I believe the CPS programme to be one of the most informative and comprehensive trainings I have had the opportunity to attend. During the programme I was provided with foundation knowledge of child abuse. It’s causes, effects and symptoms. My confidence to recognise, identify and protect children at risk has increased, and my understanding of the correct reporting / recording procedures are clear.My role as a Whanau Educator puts me in the homes of vulnerable children and families daily. Following the programme I have more confidence to tackle parents and guardians when I witness an incident, act or issue that may be detrimental to the wellbeing of a child. I have effectively intervened on a number of occasions, using tools and techniques provided during the course.
Whanau Educator, Waahi Whaanui Trust, Huntly

There was a lot of sharing input from different perspectives and activities that drew out a lot of productive and sometimes intense discussions amongst our group over the five day period of the course. To hear from their experiences throughout their time in the area of social work was like the Visa credit card ad, “Priceless”
Mentor, Health Camp, Gisborne

Attendance at the Child Matters Child Protection Studies course recently served to open my eyes to many factors surrounding the protection of our tamariki in New Zealand. Not only to the situations too many of our children find themselves in but also the extent to which many of us overlook warning signs that may be indicative of a greater issue.The course highlighted how crucial it is for us to stand up for what we believe in and not only encourage but uplift those we work with and alongside to do the same.

I will no longer simply file concerns away, pass over signs, or neglect to act on observations and I will support my colleagues to work in the same vein. It is clear that only through cohesive, joint action that we will change the outcomes for out tamariki and it is very obvious that this needs to happen. There are too many children suffering in our homes and communities, too many families that risk becoming vulnerable and those of us that have the closest relationships with children and families have to open our eyes and our hearts to deal with the situation. To access or provide the support necessary to create positive change.

I wish to sincerely thank Child Matters for providing such rewarding, challenging, and comprehensive training in this area and to New Zealand Lotteries for providing funding support to make my attendance on the course possible. It is truly a life changing course in many ways and one that I think everyone working with children and families should undertake.
Head Teacher (Kindergarten) Palmerston North