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Resources for Parents

Validate what’s happening

  • Acknowledge that this crisis is hard to understand. Put it into perspective – cases of COVID-19 will get worse during lockdown and this is to be expected, but this doesn’t mean that lockdown isn’t working.
  • It won’t last forever – every red light turns green. It will be ok, we need to work together, be careful and follow the rules. Whanau/family/support people are really important
  • Ask kids what they think is happening and how they are feeling. Validate how they are feeling, clarify facts and dispel myths
  • Enjoy the best of the situation because this is an opportunity to spend time with your kids and those in your bubble


  • Look after yourself first so you can be in the best position to look after others
  • Keep connected with neighbours and those in our communities. Make use of social media to stay
  • Some families will need some contact due to loneliness or sickness. Others may need support if they are at
    home with kids, or are single parents, or are elderly
  • Those with physical or mental disabilities may face extra challenges during this time. Make sure you find
    someone to talk to, pick up the phone or use on-line methods. A problem shared is a problem halved.
  • Don’t get hooked into the panic response. There will be enough food, and there is support available

Practical examples of what parents can do to get through

  • Ideas for self-care:
  • Go outside, walk the dog, kick a ball, have a picnic, collect leaves, pick up feijoas
    • Talk to whanau/family/friends
    • Share the tasks, delegate, get kids involved
    • Get creative – build a fort, invent games
  • Listen to your children
  • Try to limit dependence on technology. Don’t let it become the babysitter or a battleground for control