New Zealand Diploma in Child Protection

The New Zealand Diploma in Child Protection programme aims to contribute to the prevention of child abuse and neglect by promoting the rights of children through child centred practice and advocacy. Students are encouraged to become child protection champions and are able to take proactive leadership roles in their organisations regarding child protection issues. We recommend organisations identify key people to complete the diploma who can then give guidance and support to other staff.

The Diploma is NZQA (Level 5) accredited, and the only undergraduate child advocacy qualification available in New Zealand. The course consists of six one-week blocks over a year and involves self-directed learning and assignments. It is designed to develop leaders so they can facilitate child protection cultures, policies and processes in their organisations.

Graduates of the New Zealand Diploma in Child Protection will be able to:

  • Implement evidence-based and child-centred practice to protect and advocate for children in a range of environments;
  • Apply advanced strategies to identify, protect and respond to child abuse and neglect and promote child safety and wellbeing;
  • Champion a culture of child protection in organisation and community settings; and
  • Facilitate and support families and whanau from diverse cultural contexts in a child-centred way to promote child safety and wellbeing.

Dates 2020

Block One 10–14 February 2020
Block Two 29 June-3 July 2020
Block Three 10-14 August 2020
Block Four 14-18 September 2020
Block Five 12-16 October 2020
Block Six 23–27 November 2020

Block One 24-28 February 2020
Block Two 20-24 July 2020
Block Three 24-28 August 2020
Block Four 21-25 September 2020
Block Five 19–23 October 2020
Block Six 7–11 December 2020

Dates 2021

Block One 15-19 February 2021
Block Two 12-16 April 2021
Block Three 14-18 June 2021
Block Four 2-6 August 2021
Block Five 18-22 October 2021
Block Six 29 November-3 December 2021

Block One 22-26 February 2021
Block Two 3-7 May 2021
Block Three 21-25 June 2021
Block Four 9-13 August 2021
Block Five 1-5 November 2021
Block Six 6-10 December 2021

Diploma Cost

$1,100 + GST (includes workbooks, assessments, resources, and morning tea. Lunch is not provided). Contact Studylink for information on student loans, phone 0800 88 99 00.

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