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Workshop Topics

Child Matters workshops offer professional development and community education through short targeted courses designed to provide introductory level information on child protection related topics.

Let Child Matters develop a Customised Workshop for you...

Child Matters can work with your organisation, group or community to evaluate your learning needs and develop a workshop, or series of workshops, to meet your specific learning needs.

Or choose from our selection of Standard Workshop Topics...

Below is a list of some of our more popular standard workshops topics. These workshops are sometimes delivered individually or we can deliver combinations of these workshops as two day training packages.

Identifying and Responding to Vulnerability and Child Abuse (1 day workshop)

This workshop focuses on understanding the concept of vulnerability and explores factors that contribute to vulnerability, risk and child abuse. Participants will learn how to identify when children and young people are vulnerable to abuse and neglect, and how to intervene early.

Creating a Safe Organisation (2 day workshop)

Learn how to create a safe organisation, school or service for children. Participants will develop a clear understanding of the role that organisations have in keeping children safe, and how organisations can keep children safe by developing and implementing an effective child protection policy and safe working practices.

The Impact of Family Violence on Children (1 day workshop)

Learn the cause and dynamics of family violence including intimate partner violence; and the harmful, traumatic effects on children exposed to family violence. Participants will gain an understanding of family violence as a parenting issue; best interventions for children; and support children who are exposed to or have experienced family violence.

Understanding and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse (1 day)

This workshop includes: A definition of sexual abuse; signs and symptoms, effects, myths associated with sexual abuse and sexual offenders, the joint Oranga Tamariki/Police approach to allegations of sexual abuse, grooming behaviours, legislation relating to sexual offending and grooming, and managing disclosures of sexual abuse.

Protecting Children with Disabilities (1 day)

Children with disabilities can be at seven times greater risk of abuse than that other child. This workshop identifies the signs, symptoms and effects of abuse in children with disabilities and provides participants with the skills and knowledge about how to reduce this risk factor and protect these vulnerable children.

Developing Child Protection Policies and Procedures (1 day)

Providing an opportunity to gain clear and coherent information, this workshop allows participants to explore aspects of policy requirements that are meaningful and pertinent to each organisation while exploring unique and specific needs. Having a child protection policy, and procedures that reflect a focus on the safety of children, creates a solid foundation that provides a safe environment for children, staff and the organisation as a whole.

Engaging with Children (1 day)

Learn how to keep children at the centre of good practice. The workshop aims to build on participants’ interpersonal qualities to support effective communication when engaging with children. The workshop focuses on ensuring that the child’s voice is heard and that participants feel confident responding to children appropriately. An overview of children’s developmental stages will support participants in engaging in age appropriate practice with children. Participants will be able to identify barriers to child-centred practice, and explore how to overcome these to keep children as the focus of conversations.

Understanding Emotional Abuse and Neglect (1 day)

Learnt to identify the signs, symptoms and effects of abuse and focus more closely on the pervasive and life-long damage that emotional abuse and neglect have on children. This will include the impact on the developing brain in the context of close relationships, patterns of attachment across developmental stages, characteristics of the caregiving environment and how this impacts on the developing child.

Understanding Children’s Sexualised Behaviour (1 day)

This workshop will provide information about natural and healthy childhood sexual behaviours verses behaviours of concern which may alert adults that further assessment of the child is required. It will look at the specific characteristics of problematic sexual behaviours.

Effects on children and young people living with parental substance misuse (1 day)

Understand the possible effects on children and young people living within households affected by adult substance misuse.

Effects on children and young people living with parental mental illness (1 day)