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Workshop Topics

Child Matters workshops offer professional development and community education through short targeted courses designed to provide introductory level information on child protection related topics.  

Let Child Matters develop a Customised Workshop for you...

Child Matters can work with your organisation, group or community to evaluate your learning needs and develop a workshop, or series of workshops, to meet your specific learning needs.  

As New Zealand's specialists in child protection training, Child Matters is equipped to deliver across a wide range of specialist child protection topics.  Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your unique training needs.

Or choose from our selection of Standard Workshop Topics...

Following is a list of some of our more popular standard workshops topics.  These workshops are sometimes delivered individually or we also deliver combinations of these workshops as two day training packages.   

Identifying and Responding to Vulnerability and Child Abuse (1 day workshop)

This workshop provides participants with information about the current context of child abuse and neglect in Aotearoa New Zealand and the changing approach to preventing and addressing harm to children.  More about this workshop.


Creating a Safe Organisation (2 day workshop)

Creating a safe organisation, school or service for children demonstrates a commitment to providing environments where children can feel respected, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.  More about this workshop.

This workshop is also available as a 1 day workshop tailored to the education sector. Creating a Safe School flyer.


Protecting Children with Disabilities (1 day)

This workshop explores how to identify factors of vulnerability and risk when working with children with disabilities, and provides confidence in responding when children with disabilities are at risk of harm or abuse.  More about this workshop.  


Developing Child Protection Policies (1 day)

This workshop provides participants with clear guidance on how to develop an effective and robust child protection policy, as well as exploring associated procedures that create a culture of child protection within an organisation.   More about this workshop.


Engaging with Children and Young People (1 day)

This workshop focuses on keeping children at the centre of good practice and decision making, ensuring that the child’s voice is heard and that participants feel confident responding to children appropriately.  More about this workshop.


Understanding Emotional Abuse and Neglect (1 day)

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of the causes and effects of emotional abuse and neglect of children.   More about this workshop.


Dynamics of Sexual Abuse (1 day)

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of the prevalence, dynamics and effects of sexual abuse of children.  More about this workshop


The Impact of Family Violence on Children (1 day)

This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the cause and dynamics of family violence, including intimate partner violence, and the harmful, traumatic effects on children exposed to family violence.  More about this workshop.