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Child Protection Training

Child Matters is New Zealand’s specialist provider of child protection related training and professional development.  Child Matters provides training from introductory level half-day workshops through to a one-year NZQA accredited Diploma course.

Child Protection training is relevant and important for anyone who works with, is exposed to, or cares about children. Training can be done by individuals, as well as being coordinated via organisations and communities.

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Child Matters Training Model

Child Matters recommends all organisations dealing with children, or communities, adopt the 3 stage training model below.  Staff at the earlier stages of training are supported by those who have had more comprehensive training, ensuring the entire organisation is working together in a coordinated effort to keep children safe.

Who's Using the Training Model?

Currently we have many organisations successfully using the training model to ensure their organisations are child safe.  A few who we have worked very closely with include: