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Child Protection Policy

Keeping children safe is everyone’s responsibility. Organisations and professionals who work with children are required to ensure that their policies and practices reflect this responsibility.

A child protection policy provides guidelines for organisations and their staff to create safe environments for children. It is a tool that protects both children and staff by clearly defining what action is required in order to keep children safe, and ensuring a consistency of behaviour so that all staff follow the same process. 

A child protection policy also demonstrates an organisation's commitment to children and ensures public confidence in it's safe practices.

How does your organisation's child protection policy stack up?
Does it have...

  • Clearly defined requirements to keep children and staff safe?
  • Clear ways of identifying concerns?
  • Appropriate procedures should a concern arise?
  • Guidelines for reporting and recording concerns?
  • Recruitment guidelines including screening and vetting procedures for both paid and unpaid staff?
  • Safe working practices and agreed staff behaviours?
  • Child protection training for all adults working with children?

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