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Learn about Child Abuse

Children who have been abused or experienced family violence can be confused, fearful and find it difficult to make sense of what has happened to them. They may blame themselves, fear that it will continue or even get worse, or worry that there is no way out for them. The long-lasting effects can be even more destructive.

Abuse does not need to happen.

As a community, our first responsibility is to identify and stop every case before it becomes life threatening or life-scarring. Our greater responsibility is to stop child abuse from ever happening.

We all dream of making New Zealand a genuine safe haven for children. To achieve this goal all adults must take personal responsibility for identifying, reporting and ultimately stopping all forms of child abuse. This is our responsibility as individuals, as communities and as a nation.

Educating ourselves about child abuse is the perfect place to start...

What is Child Abuse?
Recognise the Signs
Causes of Child Abuse
Myths and Realities
What Can I Do?