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Media have a considerable part to play in changing the way child abuse is understood and perceived in society. Child Matters has continued to play an active role by working closely with New Zealand media to ensure reporting across all channels is informed and accurate, increasing societies understanding of child protection issues.


How many children are abused in New Zealand each year?

For the year 1 July 2015 to June 2016, there were 142,249 reports of concern relating to children and young people; 44,689 of those reports required further action from Child, Youth and Family.

Source: Child, Youth and Family key statistics

How many children are killed at the hands of those who care for them in New Zealand each year?

Tragically, on average, one child dies every five weeks at the hands of those who have responsibility for their care. Most of these children are under five years old, and the largest group of children killed are less than a year old.

Source: Doolan, M. (2004). Child death by homicide in New Zealand: An examination of incidence and child protection actions. Canterbury University.

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