5 Day Child Protection Studies Programme

The purpose of the 5-day Child Protection Studies Programme is to enhance the skills of those who are involved with children and young people, by giving them a deeper understanding and knowledge to be able to take positive action to protect children and young people. The Child Protection Studies Programme provides students with a broad base of skills to act protectively when children have been abused, and to intervene early when a child is at risk.

The Child Protection Studies Programme is a Level 3 NZQA accredited course and consists of a one week course with a workbook to be submitted at the end. The learning is support by guest speakers.

Participants will gain more in-depth knowledge than the 1 day workshops on offer. Participants are encourage to use this knowledge to advocate for the rights of children within their organisations.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the nature of child abuse and neglect
  • Understand the causes of child abuse and neglect
  • Understand the effects and symptoms of child abuse and neglect
  • Be able to recognised child abuse and neglect
  • Know what to do when child abuse or neglect is suspected
  • Know how to report child abuse and neglect
  • Know how to build networks for protecting children and young people
  • Understand the fundamentals of supervision and self-care

Our programmes are scheduled through the year in various locations. Child Matters can tailor a programme to be meet the needs of your organisation.

The Child Protections Studies Programme is a pre-requisite to the Child Protection Studies Diploma. Graduates of the Diploma often go on to become leaders of child protection in their communities, raising the skills and consciousness of the entire community.

Programme Cost

The cost of the training for each student is subsidised by Child Matters and its partners in the philanthropic sector. This enables many organisation access to the training services we deliver.

$650 + GST (includes workbooks, assessments, resources and morning tea. Lunch is not provided).

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